Improve your sculpting skills in SculptJanuary 2017!

If you’ve ever planned on improving your sculpting skills, this is your chance! It’s easier to stay on task if you are moving with a group. Every January we provide a topic for all 31 days. All participants are trying to create all 31 sculptings. All people which submit a collection with all 31 sculptings in the end of January, have the chance to win 1 of 3 male planar anatomy figures by

Befor you start, read and mind the rules below!

Topics for 2017

Please wait until January 1st, until you post your sculptings!

Info & Rules

If you manage to create all 31 sculptings in time, you can win 1 of 3 male planar anatomy figures by

Here you can see my Sculpting collection from SculptJanuary 2016

How can I join?

Most of the action happens in the SculptJanuary Facebook group. There you can post your daily sculptings in January and give or get feedback. You are not on Facebook? No problem. We will also post all topics here in this post. So you can also participate SculptJanuary and post your sculptings where ever you want or keep them for yourself.

  • use the provided topics
  • create new works
  • use the software of your choice (also traditional sculpting)
  • use the hashtag #sculptjanuary
  • upload images directly to this group (if you join the Facebook group)
  • using pre-made base meshes are allowed (but you have to give proper credit)
  • we heavily encourage you to sculpt and post daily, however, a missed day can be handed later (but before February 3rd, 2017)
How can I win / submit?
  • practice 31 days of January 2017 and create 31 sculptings
  • create a collection of all your 31 sculptings (portfolio, forum thread, artstation, dropbox etc.)
  • send a link to your collection until Feburary 3rd, 2017 12:00 GMT via the contact form
  • we’ll pick 3 winners randomly on Feburary 4th, 2017 witch will receive male planar anatomy figure by

This takes effect if you join the Facebook group

  • post WIPs and your finished work (related to the topics)
  • if you don’t get something done in time, you can hand it in later (but before February 3rd, 2016)
  • post inspirations or helpful links e.g. tutorials or references (related to the topics)
  • give constructive critique
  • don’t post anything else (it will be deleted)
What are the requirements?

SculptJanuary is about practicing. This means that you should already know the basics of sculpting. You can use any 3D tool or even sculpt traditionally. I recommend using the free powerful 3D tool Blender. If you are new to sculpting, you can watch my introduction to sculpting in Blender video tutorial.