In this video you will learn the workflow on how I created the rendering “The Journey” (see image below) in Blender 2.7 and Photoshop. With this rendering I won the 3rd place in the Artstation “The Journey – 3D Transport Art Challenge” in 2016.

In addition you can get 13 bonus videos, project files and the high resolution rendering on Gumroad (more info below).

Free YouTube Version

Downgraded version without any bonus content
  • 1 Workflow video “Sci FI Vehicle Scene in Blender, in 6 Steps” (Full HD 1080p, ca. 20 min running time, English)
  • 5 analysis videos: Explanations about conception, modeling, shading and compositing of the artwork (Full HD 1080p, ca. 40 min total running time, English audio)
  • 7 Timelapse videos: See the full ~60 h creation process, compressed in ~ 5,5 h timelapse (Full HD 1080p, ca. 5,5 h total running time, NO AUDIO)
  • Blender files: 3d scene without shaders, blockout 3d scene and vehicle, 3d human dummy, 3d dog head and 3d bird
  • All concepts (jpeg)
  • Full compositing PSD
  • Raw render (png)
  • Final high resolution rendering
  • You support my work!
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