In this video I show you 14 tips on working faster with the User Interface of Blender. Below you can find an overview of all tips.

Tip overview

00:25 Collapse or expand all panels (LMB)
01:04 Collapse all panels except the active one (Ctrl + LMB)
01:28 Scrolling through drop down menus (Ctrl + mouse wheel)
02:16 Moving headers (MMT)
02:48 Pinning panels in the Tool Shelf (Shift + LMB)
03:29 Editing three values at once
04:09 Useing math in number fields
04:27 Select elements using the eyedropper (E)
04:58 Apply materials via drag and drop
05:25 Pie Menu Addon
07:23 Enable several options at once (Shift)
08:09 Navigating faster through menus
09:37 Editing several object properties at once (Alt)
11:06 Only show objects of the active 3d layer in the outliner

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