In this video you will learn how to 3d scan a real life object using Agisoft PhotoScan and how to turn it into a sculpting brush using Blender. The generated brush textures (alphas) can be used in any sculpting software like Zbrush, Blender, 3DCoat etc.

Get the free project file here (~14 mb)

Download 33 sculpting brushes created by the community


00:07 – Introduction
02:24 – Summery of tools we need
03:28 – 3d scan using photos
06:02 – Organize the photos
07:02 – Turn photos into a 3d model using Agisoft PhotoScan
11:33 – Prepare the 3d scene in Blender
16:42 – Create the camera depth material
18:00 – Fine tune the brush texture
22:24 – Add a vignette to the brush texture
23:30 – Save the brush texture
23:53 – Convert any 3d object to a sculpting brush
25:37 – Use the brush texture in Blenders sculpt mode
28:56 – Community project info


Free Photo Scanning Workflow
PhotoScan Guide
How to Make Your own Brushes in Blender


Download Blender
Download Agisoft PhotoScan


YouTube channel by Zach Hixson

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