Nowadays it can be pretty hard to get noticed as a 3d artist. In this video I give you 6 tips, which can help you to better publish your 3d artwork, so that more people can enjoy your creations!

Tip #1: Participate in CG Competitions

Entering a CG competition has so many good aspects. Besides from creating a new artwork for your portfolio, you can connect with other artists, learn to meet deadlines and maybe get a ton of attention.

Tip #2: Create a Portfolio on

Creating a portfolio on one of the worldwide best known website for CG Artist, will give you the foundation on presenting your art to the world in a professional way. It’s not only a nice place to publish your art, it’s also a great place for connecting with other artists. If you manage to create an outstanding piece of art, you can get a lot of attention from the community, the Artstation team or people from the industry.

Other portfolio sites:

Tip #3: Submit Your Artwork to the 3DArtist Magazine

Do you want to get the chance to see your 3D Artwork printed in a real magazine? You have! Go ahead, upload your renders to the 3D Artist Gallery and get the chance to make it to the Reader’s Gallery in the 3DArtist magazine.

Tip #4: Publish Your Artwork through Social Media

Well, it’s not a secret that social media is a big thing nowadays right!? 😛 But it’s not that easy to get noticed in this media over flooded social space. My recommendation is to share your 3D work in groups or in places which are made for 3d art. For me, Facebook is the best place to share digital art.

Tip #5: Submit Your Artwork to CG News Sites

Why not handing your artwork over to someone that is specialized in sharing artwork and spread the word? Many well known CG news sites offer the possibility to send in your 3d work. Also, many CG forums offer similar attractive ways to share your work in a special place. You submit your artwork and they will probably share it to thousands of people online.

Tip #6: Create a Making-Of / Tutorial about Your Artwork

Every CG interested person is wondering how breathtaking artwork were made. Sharing the workflows of your renders in breakdowns and tutorials, will draw some extra attention on your work and help other people to get better.

You have more tips for publishing 3D artwork like a boss? Share them in the comments below!

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