Learn more about me and my journey as 3D artist.

Hi everyone!

My name is Zacharias Reinhardt, I was born in Dresden, Germany, in 1989. I am married, have two sons and have been a passionate 3D artist for many years. Since 2013 I have been a “Blender Foundation Certified Trainer”.

Blender 3D is the software of my choice. I have been devoted to 3D design since 2004 and since 2010 I have shared my knowledge in 200+ free video tutorials, taught numerous (in-house) workshops and offered remote training. Additionally, I try to inspire people with my personal 3D projects.

From 2011 to 2016 I ran the company “AgenZasBrothers,” together with my elder brother Vincent. Since June 2016 I have been working as an independent 3D artist and Blender trainer. Also, I am a freelance writer for the magazines Digital Production and 3D Artist. My 3D artwork has been featured on various internationally known websites and in a number of journals, e.g. 3D Artist, Artstation, BlenderNation and Sketchfab. I’m also the creator of the contests “Weekly CG Challenge” and “Sculpt January“.

Below you can read more about my story.

Highlights of the past months

My 3d artwork The Journey“ won the 3rd place in the Artstation „3D Transport Art Challenge“. Here you can see my digital award and my certificate.

In Issue #100 of the international journal “3D Artist” I was named first in a list of 100 “Influential Artists“.

In Issue #100 of the international journal “3D Artist” my article „Create a robot vehicle scene in Blender“ was published.

My 3D Artwork„Final Takeoff“ won a special prize for “the most creative work” in the Humster 3D „Car Render Challenge 2016“.

In Issue #97 of the international journal “3D Artist” my 3d artwork “Monster in the Closet“ was featured as „Image of the month“.

My 3d artwork „Hiker“ was used as cover image for Issue #1701 of the German journal  „Digital Production“. Also, my article „Sculpting in Blender“was published in this Issue, too.

My Story

I turned my hobby into a career! It was not easy, but all the difficulties were worth the effort! Read below how I came to working with Blender and what happened in the last few years of my professional life.

In my childhood my brother (Vincent) and I created LEGO stop motion movies with a simple video camera. It was my first contact with the medium and at that time an enthusiasm for filming and animation slowly awakened in me. In 2004 I bought my first digital camera. We started to shoot short movies and to integrate visual effects into our films; we also started digital editing. After a while we came across Blender and studied additional simple VFX tools, which eventually allowed us to implement 3D contents into our videos. Of course, we had to get acquainted with the complexitiy of Blender first and with a slow internet connection this seemingly took for ever. Most of the things we learned by trial and error.

One of my first 3d renderings using Blender (2005)

Some screenshots of my first vfx short movie “The Journey to Mars”, 3d work was done in Blender (2004/2005)

After I successfully created simple 3D projects, the “3D fever” grabbed me. I spent a lot of my free time shooting short movies, building 3D worlds and creatung short 3D animated movies. After a while, I discovered Cinema 4D and since the interface was much easier to use than Blender’s, I continued using Cinema 4D as my main 3D tool for the years to come (until 2009).

The trailer of a 100-minute amateur feature film, my brother and I created. Cinema 4D was used for the 3d work (2005 – 2008)

A short movie I created using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects (2007)

In 2009 I went back to Blender (2.49). I needed it while working on a 2D / 3D animated movie (I was working in an open TV channel in Salzwedel, Germany, back then). My brother, who was more familiar with Blender at that time, helped me to get back into the program. When Blender 2.5 with a completely revised user interface was released, I fully switched to Blender, since it is free of charge and offers a lot of professional features. There was no reason for me to stay with Cinema 4D any more.

One of my first complex 3d animations I created using Blender (2010)

One of my first 3d/2d animated short movies I created together with a friend using Blender and Adobe After Effects (2010)

In 2010 I started to publish my first free video tutorials about Blender. I have to admit that it was my brother who created the first tutorials. He had published video tutorials for Blender 2.49 even before I was starting to do so. After the release of Blender 2.5 there were no German-speaking tutorials for beginners. So I created a series for beginners and published it on YouTube. The feedback was very positive, which keept me motivated to continue. In the following years I published many additional tutorials.

After I finished my voluntary social year at the open TV channel in Salzwedel, both me and my brother were employed in an advertising agency in 2010/2011. There I used Blender for customer projects. In 2011 my brother and I founded the company “AgenZasBrothers.” During the time at AgenZasBrothers we were shooting advertising videos and 3D projects for customers. We used Blender as our main 3D tool. I also continued to publish my free video tutorials and offered commercial Blender training. In 2013 I received a certificate as a “Blender Foundation Certified Trainer”.

My brother Vincent (left) and I (right) in our first video podcast, announcing that we just founded our own company (2011)

After over four years of AgenZasBrothers, with two employees, many projects and many ups and downs, we decided to finally shut the doors of this enterprise in the end of May 2016. Both of us wanted to go our own professsional paths, so that each of us could have our very own experience. Since June 2016 I have been working as a freelancer. My brother is now working in cinema movie production. He is currently employed as a production assistant at the animation studio Motionworks. Although it was a tough decision to give up our company, we both realized that it was the best decision to take. I am now doing what I love: I create 3D artworks, create blender tutorials, write articles and lead community projects like the Weekly CG Challenge.

Here you only saw my old stuff – if you want to see my current work, check out my portfolio.

~ Zach