In this tutorial you will learn how to set up everything properly, to start retopologizing your sculptings in Blender.

Here is how to set it up:

  1. You need a 3d object as foundation, e.g. a dynamic topology sculpting (Blender Sculpting tutorial here
  2. Add -> Mesh -> Plane
  3. Header 3D View:
    • Enable “Snap during transform”
    • Set the “Snap Element” to “Face”
    • Enable “Project individual elements on the surfacte of other objects”
  4. Properties Editor -> Modifier -> Add Modifier:
    • Mirror Modifier: Enable “Clipping”
    • Subdivision Surface Modifier: Set “View” to 2
    • Shrinkwrap Modifier: Set “Target” to the sculpting mesh, “Offset” to 0,002, enable “Keep Above Surface” enable the triangle symbol in the headerof this modifier
  5. Properties Editor -> Material -> Add New:
    • Change the “Viewport Color” under “Settings”
  6. Happy retopologizing!

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