Lech Sokołowski
Founder of chocofur.com



In this video I talk with Lech Sokołowski, the founder of chocofur.com. He shares his experiences on being an employed and freelance 3d artist, on having an own 3d agency with employees and on selling 3d assets online. Lech is making a living 100% Blender based.

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CHAPTERS – Business
00:00 – Introduction
03:03 – About Lech
03:59 – About Lech’s career
06:30 – Why not to work as employee?
09:43 – How is your income split up?
11:52 – Your main motivation to start chocofur?
13:39 – Is chocofur a success?
15:16 – Toughest moment in your career?
19:20 – Your biggest success in your career?
20:29 – Three things that improved your way of working?
25:48 – Are connections to other like-minded people important?
27:34 – Working alone vs getting people on board
28:37 – How to get people on board?
31:12 – Main benefit of chocofur compared to similar sites?
37:43 – Is Blender important for your business?
39:09 – Did larger corporations try to swallow your business?

CHAPTERS – Marketing
40:31 – How important is marketing for your business?
43:13 – How you build your mailing list?
45:10 – How important is your mailing list for your business?
46:22 – Any marketing strategies you want to try in the future?

CHAPTERS – Self Development
47:43 – What would you change to improve your life?
49:41 – What business books do you recommend? (links below)
51:14 – How important is reading books for your business?
56:49 – Should you study?
58:53 – Should you start as employee or as freelancer?
01:02:24 – Do you have any morning routine?
01:04:53 – How do you manage your work-life-balance?
01:07:50 – How to keep yourself motivated?
01:11:21 – Your most beloved passion besides 3D?
01:13:26 – Is there anything you would teach your younger self?

01:16:29 – If you could, would you fully concentrate on chocofur?
01:19:30 – Your future plans?
01:20:49 – Any upcoming products?

01:22:10 – Important steps to sell 3d models online?
01:25:43 – Do you recommend selling 3d models online?
01:27:53 – How to invest your first earned money?
01:30:12 – Can someone create assets for your chocofur store?
01:31:24 – Where can we learn more about you?
01:32:20 – Advice for people that want to work in your industry?
01:35:46 – Outro