SculptJanuary 2017 is over! Thanks everyone for participating, see you in 2018!

How does it works?

If you’ve ever planned on improving your sculpting skills, this is your chance! It’s easier to stay on task if you are moving with a group. Every January we provide a topic for all 31 days of January. All participants are trying to create all 31 sculptings. Next SculptJanuary will start on January 1st, 2018. If you want to get notified, sign up to my newsletter.

Please note: From now on you the event will be hosted via Weekly CG Challenge!

Sculpting Collections of 2017

Below you can see the collections of the participants, which manged to create all 31 sculpting during SculptJanuary 2017. This list only contains the collections we received by email in time. From this list we picked 3 random winners to receive a prize (see below). Click on the names to see the collections.

The winners for 2017 are: Barry McCarthy, Stefano & Aunnop
(Concerning the prizes, we will contact you in the next two weeks.)

These topics we used for SculptJanuary 2017

The prizes of 2017 were 3 male planar anatomy figures by